Discover The Mezmerizing Japanese-Inspired ZALORAYA Collection From Jovian Mandagie

by - March 14, 2018

Discover The Mezmerizing Japanese-Inspired ZALORAYA Collection From Jovian Mandagie

On March 3, 2018, the well-known fashion designer Jovian Mandagie had introduced this year's Raya collection "Jovian Mandagie For Zalora" during his fashion show event held at Metal Bees Production House.

Guests were mingling around before the show started while enjoying some sweet desserts and taking the opportunity to take photos at the exquisite Japanese concept banner provided. The glorious fashion show started at 5pm with a very vibrant atmosphere along with Japanese songs playing in the background. Hosting the fashion show was the delightful Dayah Bakar who made the fashion show more alive. Among the guests that were spotted during the event were Vanidah Imran, Daphne Iking and Johanis Sani.



This year, Jovian Mandagie, made a creative turn in intertwining Japanese-inspired designs into the traditional wear. Among the Japanese motifs influencing the collection are seen in prints of the Hokusai Wave, Seigaiha Wave, Cranes, Asanoha (hemp leaves), Shippou (seven treasure), Kiku (chrysanthemum flower), and Sakura (cherry blossom).





The silhouettes of the pieces from the design are consisted of the kimono structures of modern kurungs with ribbon wraps detailing, flared sleeves, structured peplums and complementary accents such as beaded sequins and adjustable Obi belts. The highlighted styles of Kimono-inspired look with colourful palletes of soft blue, brown, black, gold, green, red, yellow and pink definitely portrays that inimitable twist of Japanese accent with a strong cultural beauty.

"The collaboration with ZALORA has been something I look forward to every year and realizing that it has a great 5 years has definitely made me thankful for the relationship that has gone beyond business, which I wish to cherish even more," Said Dato' Jovian Mandagie.





The "Jovian Mandagie for Zalora" fashion show sucessfully captivated the attention of the audience who attended. The collection will gradually go live in ZALORA's website. ^^

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